Wednesday, 5 September 2012

New book on its way

I'm pleased to say that my new book, Air Rifle Hunting Through the Seasons - A Guide to Fieldcraft, is due for release before the end of October.
Whereas my first book, Hunting with Air Rifles - The Complete Guide, gave a broad overview of the sport, from choosing hardware and clothing to zeroing your scope and targeting live quarry, the emphasis of the new book is very much on fieldcraft and hunting techniques.
I've split it into seasonal sections covering hunting scenarios (more than 30 in total) to be encountered through spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each section covers changing hunting opportunities through the shifting seasons, how I pre-empt quarry behaviour and the techniques and equipment I use to make the most of my time in the field. There are also tips on preparing quarry for the table, and a selection of my favourite recipes for each season.


Published by MacNidder & Grace, the hardback book includes more than 100 colour photographs and, although still in the final stages of design, should come out at around 150-pages. Dorset artist Matt Donovan has produced some great illustrations to introduce each of the seasonal chapters (see below).

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