Monday, 17 September 2012

Jack Pyke Fieldman Boots

I’ve never really been one for wearing lace-up boots for hunting but, after a couple of weeks' abuse, I’m really impressed with the new Jack Pyke Fieldman Boots. These rugged boots bridge the gap between my lightweight summer stalking trainers and wet weather wellies, and I'm looking forward to really putting them through their paces during the winter months. They have a 200g Thinsulate lining so I'm expecting them to keep my feet warm when the temperature starts to drop.
Although very robust, these chunky leather boots are surprisingly lightweight. They offer substantial ankle support while still providing sufficient movement to accommodate the sort of contortions shooters often find themselves getting into in the field, and the Vibram trek rubber soles provide great traction on slippery ground. According to Jack Pyke, they’re fully waterproof and the in-built antimicrobial treatment will keep them odour-free – only time will tell on those two scores.
It's only early days but my size 11 Fieldman Boots are very comfy. I've not experienced any of the rubbing that often has to be endured when breaking in new boots, and they're getting even more  comfortable with every outing as the gradual wear and tear makes them even more supple. I expect them to become a regular item in my hunting clobber, and also reckon they'll give decent service on fishing trips that don't entail sloshing through too much water.
These boots are packed with features and retail for £110, which is I think is great value considering they come with a 12-month guarantee. For more info, visit

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