Sunday, 1 January 2012

Deben Pro Bench Rest

After years of making do without a proper rest for gun maintenance, I started using a Deben Pro Bench Rest back in October and, following several months of use, really wouldn't be without it now. This sturdy, fully-adjustable rest is perfect for properly supporting your gun while carrying out tasks like scope fitting and other maintenance, and also comes in very handy for zeroing.

The rest is very sturdy, and is easy to adjust for height and angle, while adjustable legs keep it absolutely level and wobble-free. Most importantly, it keeps the gun safely cradled and prevents the risk of unexpected knocks and bumps. In the past, I've either cut grooves into cardboard boxes to support my gun or balanced it precariously among a pile of cushions on the sofa while fitting scope mounts - I won't be resorting to my own bodged rests again...
The Deben Pro Bench Rest retails for £54.99 and, although not cheap, I think it represents great value for money. Look after it and it should give a lifetime of excellent service. Have a look at