Sunday, 1 January 2012

Deben Pro Bench Rest

After years of making do without a proper rest for gun maintenance, I started using a Deben Pro Bench Rest back in October and, following several months of use, really wouldn't be without it now. This sturdy, fully-adjustable rest is perfect for properly supporting your gun while carrying out tasks like scope fitting and other maintenance, and also comes in very handy for zeroing.

The rest is very sturdy, and is easy to adjust for height and angle, while adjustable legs keep it absolutely level and wobble-free. Most importantly, it keeps the gun safely cradled and prevents the risk of unexpected knocks and bumps. In the past, I've either cut grooves into cardboard boxes to support my gun or balanced it precariously among a pile of cushions on the sofa while fitting scope mounts - I won't be resorting to my own bodged rests again...
The Deben Pro Bench Rest retails for £54.99 and, although not cheap, I think it represents great value for money. Look after it and it should give a lifetime of excellent service. Have a look at


  1. I'm certainly investing in a product like this later in the year. Probably check out the Lead Sled or MTM's. Started a bit of research last month. Very good advise, hopefully others will heed it!

    Neil T.

  2. Hi. Just read an article by you in a Dorset free paper. First of all, I've no quarrel at all with killing and eating wild game, OK? Provided that it is done competently and humanely. But what does worry me is the air-rifle bit. Even under the 2006 Act, anybody can get hold of these, and go out and shoot with no training and no checking. There's the real possibility - no, probability, that some of those targets will be left injured, sick and hurting out there, probably to die slowly, bleeding to death, or crippled, and the wound eaten by maggots.

    Say what you like on your blog, but if you're going to popularise game shooting in the popular press, please at least include a teeny paragraph explaining that!

    Now I suppose I'll get flamed.

  3. Read your article in the BVM magazine. Bravo for writing this, and getting it published. Good to see some good old fashioned country food on offer. Now waiting for all the left wing do-gooders to come on and moan. Keep writing!

  4. wounding is something that happens and all we can do is practice more and more an make it occur less. slaughter houses are crueler than an airgun IN THE RIGHT HANDS ( saying this because there is people that have no consideration for wildlife). Chickens are held upside down heads pulled then zapped with electricity, not a nice way to end a life tbh. Even at 12ft-lb the animal is dead instantaneously with a well placed pellet to the brain even then our community gets stick fr the animals looking as though they are in pain when in fact its just the nervous system being cut off fast so the muscles start flexing uncontrollably, A lot of game that are shot with shotguns arent killed outright and how much more powerful are they?
    Great blog mat and keep up the great contributions to the magazine ALB