Monday, 25 October 2010

In the garden

In with the onions
Preparations are now underway for next year's harvest. 50 red and 50 white onion sets went into the veggie patch at the weekend - a bit later than usual...
With help/hindrance from an enthusiastic four-year-old, the crop was sown (most of them the right way up) and is now netted over to protect from hungry pigeons. Roll on summer!

Out with the parsnips
It may be a while until the onions are ready but there are plenty of other things to be harvested, including the parsnips. This year's crop are nice and big, and have a wonderful sweet flavour.
The hefty specimen being modelled by George was destined to join the Sunday roast, baked with a slosh of olive oil, a sprinkling of chopped herbs and good grinding of salt and pepper.

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