Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Airgun days at Honeycombe Shoot

The Honeycombe Shoot on the Somerset/Dorset border has opened its gates to airgun shooters.
At £50 per day, it isn't cheap but the place is a hunter's paradise. The daily rate gives insured shooters the run of the 4,000-acre sporting estate for rabbit, pigeon and squirrel shooting - not to mention an abundance of corvids.
The shoot is set in beautiful countryside on the outskirts of Sherborne, and features diverse habitat from mature deciduous woodland to open pasture. Gamekeeper Mike Appleby provides clients with first-class pheasant, partridge and woodcock shooting as well as deer stalking according to the seasons. He's clearly a forward-thinking 'keeper and has cottoned-on the growing demand for high quality air rifle hunting.

I managed a brief visit on behalf of Airgun Shooter magazine last week and have to say I was very impressed. There was lots of quarry - unlike some of the 'shot-out' commercial airgun shoots - and an absolute abundance of wildlife, which is testament to the careful management of the shoot.
The daily rate provides full access to the shoot, which is easily accessible, thanks to the well established tracks. You also get to use the Gun Room, where you can start the day with a hot drink and a chat with Mike, who has an intimate knowledge of the ground and will guide you to the best spots.
To find out more about airgun shooting at The Honeycombe Shoot, contact Mike Appleby on 07966 521707 or email


  1. Did they allow use if your FAC mk4?

  2. Hi James, and sorry for the slow reply.
    Yes they did - mine's on an open ticket and the ground is cleared for deer stalking.
    If you're thinking of going there, I'd suggest that you let Mike know what you're planning to use so he can make you aware of any potential hazards. Be interested to hear how you get on if you do go.
    Best wishes