Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Airgun Universe Spring Gathering

I was kindly invited to drop in and see the lads from web forum Airgun Universe over the bank holiday weekend, and what a treat it was. These folks must be one of the friendliest groups of airgun shooters I have ever met.
Unlike many of the online forums, Airgun Universe members are fortunate enough to have a regular opportunity to meet face to face, thanks to moderator Barry Hutchins. Barry organises the annual gathering in beautiful Dorset countryside where members can pitch up a tent and shoot a wide range of targets while enjoying lots of banter and good food. They also had a visit from master airgun tuner Lyn Lewington, who gave everyone a chance to sample the results of his work on the range.
Although the heatwave conditions may not have been ideal for shooting, it was certainly more suited to camping than typical spring weather and everyone seemed to be having a terrific time. Targets included a seriously impressive plinking range and an HFT-style course. Apart from the target ranges, with air supplies provided courtesy of Best Fittings, there was also an opportunity for members to take part in hunting trips. Nothing was wasted, and shot quarry, including squirrels, ended up being put to good use on the barbecue.
I'll file a more comprehensive report with more pics for a future edition of Airgun Shooter magazine. In the meantime, you can see what they got up to at http://www.airgununiverse.co.uk/
Thanks to all for making me feel so welcome. It was a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours and I'm planning to stick around for longer next time.

Some of the Airgun Universe gang - they don't just eat pies...


  1. Hi Mathew

    A site after my own heart, found completely at random, my air rifle is similar to yours perhaps a bit smaller, Logun FX Solo. I'm a bit further along the coast east of you.

    I was hoping to ask if I might use your two doggie pictures for an iPhone app I am working on.

    best regards and excellent site.

    ps. Wild mushrooms go great in the recipes if you pick the right ones.

  2. Hi mf_google. Glad you like the blog.
    Is there an email I can contact you on regarding the dogfish pics?